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    Sankalpa (pronunciation: sun-kul-puh) is a Sanskrit word that means a strong intention formed by the heart and mind -- a solemn vow or a heartfelt resolve that reflects one’s highest ideals. Sankalpa Academy is an innovative micro school that brings intention to life through individualized learning plans (ILPs), foundational curriculum, development of the whole child and community building,

    Small classrooms and low student to teacher ratios allow us to make sure that every child receives a well rounded education and that no child is rushed to keep pace with schedule driven curricular goals. This nurturing environment also allows our thoughtful guides to build a strong rapport with their students and to foster in them an enduring love of learning.

    Our curriculum seeks to develop six core competencies - curiosity, cognition, empathy, ambition, creativity and communication - through innovative curricular goals, carefully crafted lesson plans that promote open-ended activities and risk taking, Socratic discussions, experiential learning and school wide routines..

    Purposeful achievement and belonging give our children a strong sense of joy and pride and thus strengthen the cycle of further engagement and learning. Isn’t it time for your child to discover his Sankalpa?