• Holistic
  • Foundational
  • Individualized

Sankalpa Academy is a private school in Austin, Texas that pursues excellence in early childhood education. We provide purposeful education for life through awareness. At Sankalpa, education is holistic, foundational and individualized. Every child receives a gifted education through an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). We achieve this through an assessment of a child's developmental climate and core competencies. This understanding is used to design learning experiences that are meaningful and foundational. Our individualized curriculum is carefully crafted by our master teachers and specialists in developmental psychology, so every child works at a level that is most relevant and appropriate for him/her.

Our mission is to develop authentic seekers and change makers who pursue purposeful lives. We strongly believe that education should help a child recognize and reach her/his potential so the child would grow up to be confident, ethical and emotionally, intellectually and physically ready for what life has to offer.