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Head of School

Emmanuelle (Emma) Hilland
Preschool Director and Head of School

When I founded Petite Ecole Internationale (PEI) in 2001, I put a lot of thought into the design of the classroom, the planning of the curriculum and the building of a supportive environment for students and their families, but nothing really prepared me enough for the challenges of leading a new school. Suffice to say, I learned several valuable lessons in this journey. Even so, new challenges awaited when I became an assistant head of school at The Children's School (TCS). PEI allowed me to gain a better understanding of the business aspects of running a school. It is there that I fine tuned my communication skills and learned the true art of listening. TCS pushed me to grow from a manager to a supportive coach and leader. During my time there, I was instrumental in the redesign of our writing program, mentored new teachers and coordinated ILPs with families and teachers to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

It has been almost 20 years since my first foray into leadership and I am so excited to bring my experience to Sankalpa Academy. I am committed to building a strong community of teachers and families that support each other, through a spirit of open communication, transparency and respect. I am also looking forward to closely collaborating with Srinivas to support and strengthen his vision for the future of Sankalpa Academy so that more children can access the growth experiences they deserve.

In community,
Emma Hilland