About Us


Life outcomes typically correlate more to core competencies such as passion, creativity, empathy, cognition and resilience than to years in school or college. This is why frontiers of knowledge and ability are very often advanced by those who are rich in one or more of these capacities. And yet, despite mounting evidence that one can design experiences to develop and strengthen these competencies, these are rarely the direct objectives of a curriculum. Isn't that very frustrating? If you believe, like us, that the promise of our children's potential is too valuable to be left to osmosis, then, it may be time to take a closer look at Sankalpa Academy!


Sankalpa Academy is a private school in the Mueller neighborhood of Austin, Texas that pursues excellence in early childhood education. At Sankalpa, every child receives a gifted education through an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Our curriculum is holistic so every child can grow up to be confident and ethical as well as emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially ready for what life has to offer. We design learning experiences that are foundational and meaningful to every child. These are facilitated by Socratic discussions and carefully crafted individualized scaffolding. At the heart of our lesson plans and every child's ILP is our model for the learning cycle. It us built around the child's environment, engagement (inside and outside the classroom), belief systems and six competencies: curiosity, cognition, empathy, ambition, creativity and communication.


We currently serve children ages 3 to 8 in grades PreK-3 through 3. We will be adding a grade each year, all the way through high school, in the years to come.

Our mission is to develop authentic seekers and change makers who pursue purposeful lives that are anchored in awareness and self-actualization.


  • explore our detailed offering at https://www.sankalpa-academy.org/programs/
  • stimulating and uplifting environment for children ages 3-8 years old
  • a personal champion for every child, to provide emotional engagement and to intimately understand and monitor his/her aptitudes, abilities and development opportunities and plans
  • education is holistic, foundational and individualized: facilitated by master guides, cognitive psychologist and yoga/meditation teachers
  • culture that focuses on character, resilience and a growth mindset, where failures are recognized as opportunities and stepping stones
  • integrated curriculum that monitors the child’s learning environment as well as core competencies
  • Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) for every child; curricular objectives and programming is monitored periodically for relevance and refinement
  • deep, blended Socratic learning with carefully crafted scaffolding
  • honest exploration of existential questions and the gift of time
  • culture, community and curricular programs such as team sports help build a sense of camaraderie and purpose
  • efficient use of children’s time with meaningful, yet minimal homework
  • relevant and purposeful parent education and faculty development programs
  • please also review our FAQ at: https://www.sankalpa-academy.org/faq for more details


Purposeful achievement and belonging give our children a strong sense of joy and pride and thus strengthen the cycle of further engagement and growth.