About Us

The Three Pillars

To understand our philosophy, one needs to understand what our three pillars stand for. After reading through the brief descriptions below, you probably have more questions than answers? We would be more than happy to chat with you. Please schedule a tour so we can explore your questions and perspectives. 





We provide a wide breadth of educational experiences so as to expand students' horizons and develop well rounded individuals. We strongly believe that education has to foster the development of the whole child through character, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. We do this through curriculum selection, access to services and diversity of field studies.





Teaching formulas, procedures or routines will have limited mileage considering that the problems of the future are largely unknown. What is known is that those problems will be new and complex. This is precisely why we focus on building transferable skills - skills that are fundamental to complex problem solving. Whatever the future brings, people will need skills such as risk-taking and communication, an ability to understand each others' needs and the capacity to persist when initial solutions do not pan out. 





In traditional schools, a child's age is all that is required to determine the grade that she is placed in ... which thereby determines the curriculum that she receives. But, age is obviously not a good predictor of what a child does or does not know in the various subjects and domains. At Sankalpa. we craft Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) for each student, so that each learner's experiences are calibrated to where they are in their own educational journey.