Sankalpa Academy Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Sankalpa Academy. We take great pride in our programs and are always excited to share our story! We currently serve children ages 2 to 5 and are accepting enrollments for the Spring of 2020.


Although we have a thorough process to assess if Sankalpa Academy is the right school for you and your child(ren), we recognize that each child is unique, and that it may take longer than a day or a week to be really sure. We do not believe that it is in anyone's interest to hold you to a year long contract if the school is not a great fit for your family. We therefore offer a 28 day period during which this contract can be terminated if either of us feel that it is not a good match.


We hope that we have the opportunity to meet you and your family soon!

Emma Hilland (Head of School) and Srinivas Jallepalli (Founder)


Steps to apply for admission to the Preschool and Elementary Program at Sankalpa Academy

Step 1:

Visit the Sankalpa Academy website and sign up for one of our open houses.

Step 2:

Submit an application (found under Admissions and Forms) along with a $100 application fee. Placement on the wait-list is first-come, first-served and the ranking is determined by the date of receipt of the application fee. A separate application is required for each child.


Step 3 (school-age children only):

Please contact your child's current teacher(s) and request that they fill out our Teacher Evaluation Form*.

*For home-schooled children, this evaluation may be filled out by a tutor, extra-curricular teacher or co-op teacher that the child has worked with in the past six months. For school children, the evaluation should be filled out by both his/her language arts and math teachers.

Step 4:

Set up a Parent Interview with our Founder and Head of School.

This is a great opportunity to ensure that our program is a good fit for your family. During this hour-long meeting, we discuss the specific needs of your child(ren) and the needs of the family as a unit. We also use this time to review your child(ren)'s application(s) and teacher evaluations. Attendance at ths initial meeting is limited to parents, unless otherwise communicated by the Head of School.


At Sankalpa, we are passionate advocates who are committed to your child's success. We ask that you come prepared to share any prior diagnosis (cognitive or behavioral) that you may have received from a third party provider (i.e. reading specialist, OT, PT, speech therapist, etc.) for any special need(s) that your child may have. This helps us make the best choice for classroom placement in order to create balanced classrooms and support optimal learning.


Step 5:

Please schedule a classroom visit for your child with our head of school. For preschool children, these visits happen between 3:00 and 4:00 pm, during our after-school program. During the visit, your child will meet some of his classmates in a laid-back atmosphere, meet the teachers and spend time in the environment, while we assess his readiness and classroom placement. We can schedule up to 3 separate visits to help prepare your child for the transition, but we also encourage you to attend as many of our social events as you can.



Step 6:

We will email you our admission decision within 2 business days of your child's last visit. If your child is accepted by Sankalpa Academy, you will have 72 hours to accept or decline placement. After 72 hours, we will make a courtesy phone call before we release your child's spot to the next person on the wait-list.


Step 7:

Upon acceptance, please complete the Enrollment Form and Tuition Contract and provide a non-refundable enrollment fee to hold your child's space. Your child's enrollment is not finalized until we have received the enrollment fee.


Step 8:

Complete and submit all other documents found in the Parent Registration Packet to Sankalpa Academy before the deadline for your registration period. All tuition and fees due by the first day of school must have been paid for your child to attend, unless other arrangements have been made with the head of school.


Step 9:

Check your inbox regularly for important information about back to school and attend your First Day at Sankalpa Academy!

NOTE: Application process is subject to change at the discretion of the Director. In addition, each family’s progression through the process can be terminated at any point by either the family or Sankalpa Academy. Decisions are final and confidential.