Learn more about our amazing community
Dec 29, 2018


Sankalpa Academy is a close-knit community of learners united by a singular focus. Our parents, staff, head of school and the founder are all passionate about developing the promise of our children's potential. And, as a private, for-profit organization, we have a lot of agency. For example, our founder is responsible for both financing school operations as well as mission fidelity. We are not constrained by any one pedagogy and draw freely from many sources as we define programs that are holistic, foundational and individualized. Our organization is nimble, empowered and engaged in mission elaboration and manifestation.

Parents play a very important role at Sankalpa Academy. For starters, their input is essential for the definition and evolution of their children's ILPs. We also partner with them on identifying and developing possible home environment and enrichment opportunities. As vital members of a community of learners, our parents attend at least 2 parent education events every year. Finally, our parents volunteer their time and expertise all the time. We are very cognisant of the limited bandwidth of our parents and our many demands on their time, and as such, we are humbled everyday by their amazing resourcefulness and generosity. You will often find them on and off campus helping out in multiple ways, several of them are also great mentors for our children! We are so very blessed.

Sankalpa Academy teachers are the soul of our organization. They are exceptional educators who have dedicated their careers to our children's growth and well-being. Their passion is contagious. They practice their craft with amazing skill, diligence and patience. Also, as models of growth mindset, they are constantly evaluating their practices and are committed to continuous improvement within and outside the classroom. Some reflections from our teachers on their core beliefs and guiding principles:

  • - I teach using a student-centered approach. I am a facilitator of learning and strive to promote independence and exploration.
  • - It gives me deep joy to witness the unique learning processes of each student; how they connect pieces of information and apply and grow their own inner knowledge.
  • - If students are given tasks that are meaningful for the real world, I believe they will rise up to the challenge
  • - I am motivated to not only identify various learning styles and capacities in students but to also create supportive conditions in which every child can blossom
  • - I promote self-directed learning, autonomy and individuality in order to help young minds find their passions, I believe that every child I teach is extraordinary and has their own unique strengths.
  • - Children are natural problem-solvers, seekers, artists, story-tellers, scientists and so much more. They have enormous potential, each and every one of them and they deserve worthy opportunities
  • - At the heart of my teaching is the commitment to connect in a heartfelt way with each student so they feel safe and free to express themselves

Our community is also very proud of the great relationship we have with our amazing friends from the Baha'i community and the New Day Garden Center. And, finally, our children are the fuel for our passion and energy. They are amazing learners as well as teachers; they soak up all that we have to offer and they challenge us everyday.