What makes our programs unique?
Dec 29, 2018


What distinguishes Sankalpa Academy from the other public and private schools?

Sankalpa Academy is unique in many different dimensions.

1. Our curriculum is holistic (social, emotional, ethical, intellectual and physical development of the child), foundational (assess and develop core, transferable skills such as ambition, creativity, cognition and empathy) and individualized.

2. We will have no more than 8 children per teacher in pre-K, 9 per teacher in Kinder, 10 per teacher in 1st grade and so on....

3. As a growth mindset school, we are a learning community that is constantly benchmarking and studying best practices. We therefore build intention and reflection around purpose and learning opportunites into all our programs. In other words, our programs are not set in stone or constrained by one educational philosophy.

4. We have organized ourselves as a for-profit and not as a non-profit. We feel that this offers more stability and resilience for the school and its mission.

5. We set aside 40% of the profits (it will likely be many years before we can turn a profit!) for the current and past staff and leadership of the school.


What does "holistic education" look like in practice?

Our curriculum includes at least 30 minutes of yoga and meditation everyday. We prioritize both core academic work as well as integrated problem solving and project based learning. Learning and growth are facilitated through exploration and Socratic discussions i.e. we avoid direct-teach methods. Our curriculum also includes art (aesthetics, appreciation and creativity), cultural awareness through foreign languages (Mandarin and Spanish for the first year), gardening and upto 6 field trips during the school year.

What does "foundational education" look like in practice?

Our programs seek to build capacity in 6 different competencies: curiosity, cognition, empathy, ambition, creativity and communication. We believe that these core transferable skills are essential for success in any endeavor. We have an LSSP (licensed specialist in school psychology) on staff to help with assessments and to design associated plans for our student development. We use many tools such as environment and enrichment cluster design, risk-taking through exploration, Socratic discussions, intention setting, reflections, elocution, precis writing, meditation, gratification deferment, goal setting and specific and diversive curiosity to build these competencies. We monitor each child's engagement within and outside the classroom and belief system to assess opportunities for program refinement.

What does "individualized education" look like in practice?

Every child at Sankalpa Academy will have an ILP (individualized learning plan). An ILP is a living document that outlines the goals for every semester for all our academic programs as well as the 6 competencies. The ILP is updated based on inputs from the teachers, parents and the student.