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Sankalpa Academy is a small, secular private school in Austin, Texas that pursues excellence in early childhood education. At Sankalpa, education is holistic, foundational and individualized. Every child receives a gifted education through an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP). Our individualized curriculum is carefully crafted by our master teachers and specialists in developmental psychology, so every child works at a level that is most relevant and appropriate for him/her. We strongly believe that education should help a child recognize and reach her/his potential so the child would grow up to be confident, ethical and emotionally, intellectually and physically ready for what life has to offer.


As Matthew Mugo Fields, the founder of says, “gifted and talented” has to be the goal for every child and not a gate through which a small percentage enter. Providing such gifted education to every child is not easy. It takes a village of special parents, passionate educators and committed leadership.


Our collective success depends then on attracting, recruiting and retaining great talent. This requires a stimulating environment and on-going support and investment in faculty development and empowerment. Tuition alone cannot cover these costs, at least for several years to come. We would therefore be very grateful for any financial gift that you can make. No gift is too small, even though we request that you reach us at and not use this portal for gifts that are smaller than $5.


And, please note that your donations are not tax-deductible. We have chosen to organize Sankalpa Academy as a for-profit organization and not as a nonprofit. We chose this path for two reasons. First, we feel that all great teams should have a strong financial stake in the organization they serve. We have therefore chosen to set aside 40% of the profits for the faculty and leadership of Sankalpa Academy. Second, history shows us that seating a qualified board can be a challenge over the longer run for nonprofit schools that pursue an ambitious vision that deviates significantly from the norm. We feel that retaining a board that maintains a strong commitment to the founding vision can be an ongoing strain for the school. Our school therefore relies on an Advisory Board (instead of a Board of Directors) for guidance and counsel.