Language Arts

Sharpening communication skills is a core competency and essential for overall success. Persuasive audience-aware articulation, critical thinking and thinking on one’s feet are nuanced skills and key objectives of our language arts program. Proficiency in language arts, therefore, is an important priority, and this begins at preschool.

Each student will start at his or her competency level and progress independently along the continuum, applying knowledge to deepen understanding of concepts and themes. Students will be learning through a variety of formats, including games, hands on projects, as well as exploratory learning.

Our ultimate goal is to help students develop and sharpen the critical communication skills necessary to analyze, evaluate, classify and prioritize the information that they continuously receive. Toward this end, language arts classes will include reading, writing, listening, speaking components such as elocution and debate that develop students’ ability to recognize from differing perspectives (i.e. emotional intelligence), sound arguments, and human connections from a variety of media.

Language arts will be all about fun and self-expression through different types of reading, writing and elocution. Our curriculum will build foundational skills, while tying projects into our thematic areas. We will use a variety of strategies to help students understand and creatively apply the use of ideas, voice, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, conventions, and presentation.