Physical Education

At Sankalpa Academy, yoga, meditation and team sports make up the curriculum for the physical education of our children.

Yoga & Meditation:

Our yoga instruction helps children develop balance, flexibility, strength and stability. While these physical benefits of yoga asanas (poses) are broadly accepted by both professional institutions (such as the Harvard Medical School) and everyday practitioners, a holistic yoga practice entails more than just the asanas. Its objective is to build awareness and discipline for a more purposeful life. It is our desire that our curriculum helps children experience and embrace the lifelong benefits that come from a sustained yoga practice.

Meditation is a key element of this holistic yoga practice. We offer three distinct meditation practices that can be customized per the needs of a child: loving-kindness meditation, breath awareness meditation and mindfulness meditation. Loving-kindness meditation has been shown through many studies to build self-esteem and a positive outlook, and to boost compassion, empathy and understanding..




 Breath awareness meditation will help improve a child’s patience, focus, creativity and equanimity. And, finally, through awareness of the present moment, mindfulness meditation has been shown to reduce anxiety and distractions and improve focus, confidence, cognition and immunity.







Team Sports:

Team sports are an important piece of the physical education curriculum at Sankalpa Academy. Team sports provide many immediate as well as long term benefits. They help

  • improve overall health and immunity through aerobic exercise
  • build close friendships through team building and camaraderie.
  • foster respect for each other through teamwork skills as well as leadership skills.
  • children appreciate the contributions of others with different abilities
  • children learn humility in success and grace in failure
  • children work towards broader team goals than narrower goals of an individual
  • develop physical skills that are relevant to the particular sport.


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