Curiosity is the engine that drives all scientific enquiry. In the words of Charles Sanders Peirce, the nineteenth century American philosopher, mathematician and scientist, "There is one thing even more vital to science than intelligent methods; and that is, the sincere desire to find out the truth, whatever it may be." But, this spirit of enquiry is not sufficient. History reminds us again and again that accepting a new reality and changing an established order are never easy, not for a society and, often, not for an individual. The ability to deliberately consider multiple possibilities and the ability to prevent premature closure of the mind are very vital. The science curriculum at Sankalpa Academy focuses on these critical thinking skills.


While Technology and Engineering often dominate the curriculum in most STEM programs, we strive to provide a more balanced approach at Sankalpa Academy. Thirst for knowledge and understanding is essential for any career that values discovery and innovation and for engagements that need to be both broad and deep. Curiosity, open-ended investigations, passion and tenacity are key elements of our science program.


We want our children to be enchanted by the wonderful explorations - successes and failures and accidents - that lead to scientific discoveries. Knowledge is not more important than praxes, our curriculum ensures that children are exposed to the excitement that comes with scientific investigations. Our children will revisit the journeys of the past and explore the wonders that await them in the natural outdoors as well as the current, ongoing research pursuits that are aimed at solving some of our most pressing problems. As an important element of this exposure, our learners will experience the evolutionary cycle of design of experiments, empirical observations, hypothesis formulation, testing, analysis, and understanding.

The themes that we use in our science curriculum will also strengthen the critical life skills of journaling, personal planning, observing, reflecting and communicating. Our intention is that children are able to design and manage their project times with agency and articulate their learning and understanding with meaning and authenticity.